Our Dedicated Administration

Cheryl Greene
Assistant to Head of School and Office Manager

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Graduated with a BA from Stern College for Women in Elementary Education. In 1988, her Senior year at Stern College, Cheryl married the love of her life, Mitch Greene. They have 3 children.

In June 1988 the Greene's moved to Seattle and Cheryl taught at SHA for one year.  

Cheryl's next position was at ADS Equipment, a sewage treatment & chlorination supply company. After 9 years with ADS, she left to help her husband start his own law firm. A few years later, Cheryl moved to another law firm to help them implement an innovative organizational system. In February of 2012, Cheryl stopped working to take care of Irene, her youngest child.

Derech Emunah called, and Cheryl started working for the high school in September of 2017. Cheryl cares for all the girls as if they are her own.

She can be contacted at: cgreene@derechemunah.com


Devora Cohen
Executive Assistant

She was born in Gateshead, England to Dutch parents. Devora's family made Aliyah to Jerusalem, Israel in 1976 where she spent most of her younger years, attending school in Bayit Vegan. Devora went to Gateshead Seminary for 3 years.

Professionally trained as a Dental assistant, she worked with a variety of dental professionals in Israel. Devora's first two children, girls, were born in Jerusalem.

Her next journey was to Edmonton Canada where Devora helped establish Menorah Jewish Academy (school K-12) and taught there, as well. The third Cohen daughter was born in Edmonton.

The Cohens moved to Seattle (first time in 1996) where Devora gave birth to their first son. Devora was a teacher at SHA and organized events for the Seattle Kollel  From Seattle, the family moved to West Bloomfield, Michigan where Devora planned activities for her synagogue Keter Torah. After a move across town to Oak Park, Devora worked for 12 years as the Office Administrator at the Boys' Division of Yeshiva Beth Yehuda.

The Cohens recently moved back to lovely Seattle where Devora, as Executive Assistant to the Head of School, is a key personality in the day-to-day running of Derech Emunah.

She can be contacted at: dcohen@derechemunah.com


Michael Friend
Director of Development

He Studied at Yeshiva University (BA), Baruch College (MBA) and Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh. He is currently the Chairman of the Religious Committee at Bikur Cholim-Machzikay Hadath synagogue in Seattle and has served on the board of SHA, NYHS, BCMH and The Seattle Kollel.

His professional career in business has always involved either sales or marketing in a variety of industries, from apparel to corporate branding.

Mr. Friend is thrilled to be part of the Derech Emunah family. His passion for the future of Am Yisrael and the Seattle Jewish community can be seen in his intense desire to help Derech Emunah be financially stable and continue to grow and prosper.

He can be contacted at: MichaelFriend@derechemunah.com