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Welcome to Derech Emunah!

How to Apply

Admissions process 

Welcome! We are delighted that you are considering enrolling your daughter in Derech Emunah, Seattle Jewish Girls High School. We are excited to partner with you in providing an outstanding Torah and general education for all our students.

To receive an enrollment packet, please call or email the Derech Emunah office at 206-722-1200 or [email protected].

Once your daughter’s application is fully submitted and reviewed, you will be contacted to set up an entrance interview for your daughter with the Principal. The meeting will give us an opportunity to get to know your daughter in a more individualized way and to assess her skills and abilities further.

Tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year is $18,500.


Financial Aid

For families seeking to apply for tuition assistance, we are fortunate to have two options.

Option 1: Samis Day School Affordability Initiative (DSA)

In 2022 the Samis Foundation established the Day School Affordability Initiative to make K-12 tuition for Seattle-area Jewish day schools even more affordable. The initiative provides financial relief for families whose income is too high to qualify for traditional scholarships, but for whom day school tuition is still a real barrier given the many competing priorities they face.

The program ensures that for families who earn less than $350,000, tuition will not exceed $15,000/year per child or 15% of their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), whichever is lower.

For more information and to see if you qualify, go to the Samis Day School Affordability Initiative FAQ & Tuition Estimator

If you want to apply for the Samis DSA,  please go to the DSA Application Form 

Option 2: Need based Financial Aid

Derech Emunah utilizes the online service of FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) to process tuition assistance applications. FAST provides a need-based financial aid analysis service which includes a recommendation of what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition.

All information from FAST is kept confidential. The Tuition Assistance Committee will review the information and make the tuition aid determination. Detailed instructions on how to apply through FAST can be found on our Financial Aid page.

Tuition payments must be set up by August 8, 2023 and payment will be charged/pulled beginning in August

Derech Emunah offers three payment options:

  1. Pay in full by check
  2. Ten equal credit card payments. Please provide your credit card details to Derech Emunah's front office to utilize this option. This option includes a 3% surcharge.
  3. Ten automatic deductions from your bank account. To use this option, please provide a voided check to the Derech Emunah’s front office.